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Error on the log in:
-To log in you need a value code, this is  sent to you by The Corebar administration. When you have received the  code; copy and paste it on the form to avoid using  wrong spaces, letter sizes etc.  US users , there is no need for "state" in the form.

If you are  already  a user of the Norwegian site of Stamina education, or a member of Exerto.no/ Excerto.com you will need to create a new user name (email) to get a proper login.

If you did not receive value code, this is often due to unpaid invoices. If not, contact us.

Error with payment:
-If Payex declines your card, this can be a block from your bank. Contact your bank and ask if your credit card has fraud blocks that have  stopped  your purchase.

If your credit card has no password for the  internet, you need to contact your bank or  use a different credit card

Download films:
There is NO downloading of films. This service is the future of  digital film service streaming, which means that you watch everything live online. All your films are safely preserved on professional server units and you just log in-watch-log out.

Error on  music downloads:
To open your downloaded music file you need to unzip the file with an  unzip program such as Winzip. This is because the music file is compressed to be faster to download. Click right and go to open in… choose your unzip program and voila!

Movies stopping- film or voice delay:

This is one out of two things. Either your internet is slow, or your computer is old or slow. This can easily improve. Here are a couple online-tests you could run to check capacity and quality of your broadband:



We recommend you to run the test towards Nederland by moving the map towards Europe/ Netherland and clicking on the white dot saying Haarlem/ Amsterdam.

Speed up your computer:
If you have an old computer, you can experience trouble with watching the films. You can solve this by removing large objects such as an abundance of  pictures and/or films or unnecessary programs. If you are confident on doing this cleaning yourself, you can  use  Ccleaner(piriform.com) for PC or DiscDoctor for Mac. It  is also necessary to do program updates from both Microsoft and Apple on a regular basis.

If there was no solution to your problem please contact us on post@coremon.no