About TheCoreBar brand

To be successful as a Corebar instructor we urge you to take ownership and take this information to consideration when representing our company. On the phone, on TV, in a magazine, in social media, at the gym, in a Corebar class, or at BOOST events - Whenever you have TheCoreBar hat on - remember YOU are a valuable and super important part the Team Corebar success!

Our Purpose

Why do we get up in the morning? To create a groundbreaking world of fun, determination fitness and team spirit!


Our Position

There are tons of group exercise systems out there. Some are like gung-ho military bootcamps, some are dance parties. And some are like technique driven martial arts. Our group ex is like a surprising boost of euphoric energy! You will get together with determined people who like each other, and have so much fun that train hard and pushing limits, make you able to show yourself and other people what you are capable of doing. You`ll get hoocked, it`s addicting.


Our Values

To be blunt - people just don't have time for things without value. This has always been true, but in today's marketplace it's more than true than ever. Companies are shouting louder and louder to sell their products, and the customers are getting confused. Whether it's in social media, word of mouth, flyers or posters or whatever, we must always communicate value. Honestly and simply.


Our Functional Values

>> Physical success: People achieve their fitness goals.

>> Psychological success: Knowing that you are healthy is a key value.


Our Emotional Values

>> It's fun!

>> The post-workout sensation of euphoria is addictive. People love it!

>> Belonging in a community of fun, determined and likeminded people really adds value to life.


Let's reassure people about these values whenever we can.


Our Personality

People always look for other people. We're born that way. When we see a car, its headlights create a face that's often cute or fierce. When we see a building, for example a courthouse, rather than seeing bricks and mortar, we see huge columns that create a feeling that tall men have power over us. When it comes to companies, rather than seeing juridical entities, we see people, too, as personalities. From the day we are born, we instinctively categorize personalities into certain personality types. In order to make us connect with their characters, writers always use these types. The hero, the old wise man, the charmer, the chief, the crazy professor, the lost soul and so forth - if we listed them all you'd recognize each one from books or movies. When it comes to companies, people see them as personalities, too. Talking to our customers and relations, we've come to understand that they see Corebar as a character that's often referred to as "The Spunky Kid". Because of CEO Anita and Team Corebar, right? Right! But also, this perception is very influenced by the instructors. By you. In movies and literature, the "The Spunky Kid" type is described like this: "She's marked by enthusiasm and creativity. She is jazzed with new ideas and has a broad range of interests. Gutsy and true, she is loyal to the end. You can't help but root for her. She's the girl with moxie. She's the team player, the one who is always ready to lend a hand.

She's not exactly a Tomboy, but she does have certain Tomboy traits such as gut, assertiveness and determination." We urge you to take this personality into consideration when representing the company. On the phone, during exercise, posting on Facebook, at a BOOST event - whenever you have TheCoreBar hat on - YOU are the spunky kid!

>> Be gutsy!

>> Be fun!

>> Be determined!

>> Be true!

>> Be a team player!


Our Slogan

Ever notice how bus drivers, bikers and other groups have their own callsign or way of saluting each other when passing eachother in traffic? They do that because they like the feeling of belonging. Why do I state something obvious like this? Because our slogan is kind of a call sign, too. Our slogan does more than sum up our purpose, position and personality. It's something we actively use in everyday life to remind each other of who we are, what we do and why we get up in the morning. Our slogan is how we say "have a great workout". It's how we say "see you next time". It's the message on our bumper sticker. Let's make our slogan a catch-phrase!



>> Say "Train Hard Have Fun" as a form of "goodbye, see you"

>> Write "Train Hard Have Fun" when ending posts and emails

>> Hashtag "#trainhardhavefun" on Instagram along with "#thecorebar" and other hashtags

>> Print it on bumper stickers, T-shirts etcetera!